Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

There’s a funny unspoken thing about marriage. Even the most mediocre unions are usually presented to the world as flawless and without blemish. Matrimony is the stomping ground of fairy tales; the culmination of the prince rescuing the damsel over time. In reality, marriage is inconsistent, volatile and ever changing. It requires work and commitment for it to flourish and what goes on behind closed doors can be both magical and malevolent. It is not often couples reveal the secrets within a marriage, lest they become exposed for the gloriously flawed and imperfect unions they are.

Marriages also make incredibly interesting subject matter for a plot-driven tale.

Fates and Furies explores the love and life of Lotto (Lancelot) and Mathilde Satterwhite throughout the course of their relationship. Their coupling is sudden and serendipitous (like many), but the cracks begin to reveal themselves through the most innocuous circumstances. I often find it is never the big moments in life that are a test of character, but rather, the hum drum of monotony that unveil a superimposed public mask. The days, weeks and years coagulate to form a merged duet.

Fate and Furies highlights there is a fine balance when we enmesh ourselves with our significant other. There is a hair-thin borderline between compromise and capitulation. It is both tedious and terrifying. This novel is not a thriller but it is thrilling. Groff employs strategic plot devices that make the tale gripping and compelling. I could not put it down. Perhaps it is part voyeurism (yes I watch reality TV too) and perhaps it is part of seeing in print that even the most perfect theatre conceals a sometimes dishevelled and disorderly back stage.


Author: Tome To Read

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