Atonement by Ian McEwan

The final act in my ‘books into films’ series : Atonement

If you have not read an Ian McEwan novel, you have not lived. While I struggle to choose an all-time favourite author, Mr McEwan is definitely on my most treasured list. Atonement was my second McEwan novel, the first being Amsterdam.

Atonement is for me, the hybrid of my great loves. History and Fiction. Neither compromises the other and they work together in perfect symbiosis. The novel is broken down into chronological parts, each using their historical setting as a backdrop and as a device to drive plot.

Atonement is heart-achingly beautiful. It encompasses deeply personal tragedies along with the tragedy of war and separation. Some of the characters are painstakingly frustrating. I want to shake Briony many times throughout the novel. In fact I did throw the hefty tome down at some point (– no book was harmed in the making of this review).

This is McEwan at his exquisite best and well worth the investment of time.


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